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    1. Accounting Manager

    2. Accounting Clerk

    3. Audio Editing Technician

    4. Bookstore Manager

    5. Business Administrator Administrative Assistant

    6. Business Administrator

    7. Children's Ministry Assistant

    8. Children's Ministry Coordinator

    9. Church Board Member

    10. Church Job Descriptions

    11. Communications Manager

    12. Computer Technician

    13. Copywriter

    14. Custodian

    15. Discipleship Coordinator

    16. Executive Pastor Administrative Assistant

    17. Executive Pastor

    18. Facilities Manager

    19. Graphic Designer

    20. HR Generalist

    21. Maintenance Specialist

    22. Member Care Administrative Assistant

    23. Men's Ministry Coordinator

    24. Office Manager

    25. Office Receptionist

    26. Pastor Children And Youth

    27. Pastor Church Services

    28. Pastor Discipleship/Evangelism

    29. Pastor Member Care

    30. Service Production Coordinator

    31. Purchasing Agent

    32. Safety And Security Officer

    33. Senior Pastor

    34. Seniors Ministry Coordinator

    35. Social Media Coordinator

    36. Special Event Assistant

    37. Special Events Manager

    38. Streaming Services Coordinator

    39. Vacation Bible School Director

    40. Video Editor

    41. Volunteer Office Assistant

    42. Volunteer Office Manager

    43. Webmaster

    44. Wedding Coordinator

    45. Women's Ministry Coordinator

    46. Worship Leader

    47. Young Adults Ministry Coordinator

    48. Young Adults Ministry Assistant

    49. Youth Ministry Coordinator

    50. Youth Ministry Assistant

    1. Human Resource Forms

    2. Attendance Policy

    3. Average Employee Score and Raise Percentage

    4. Candidate Resume Screening Guide

    5. Church Job Description Template

    6. Church Org Chart

    7. Dress Code Policy

    8. Employee Conduct Policy

    9. Employee Goals Template

    10. Employee Handbook Acknowledgement

    11. Employee Satisfaction Survey

    12. Employee Self Appraisal

    13. Employment Interview Guide And Questions

    14. Example Church Training Evaluation Form

    15. Example Pay-Grade with Salaries

    16. Example Service Standards

    17. Exit Interview Form

    18. FMLA Leave Application Form

    19. FMLA Leave Policy

    20. Hiring Checklist

    21. Human Resource Planning

    22. Job Application

    23. Manager Evaluation Form

    24. Medical Certification Form

    25. New Employee Orientation Checklist

    26. Note Taking Log

    27. Paid Time Off Accrual

    28. Paid Time Off Policy

    29. Paid Time Off Request Form

    30. Performance Appraisal

    31. Performance Appraisal Timeline

    32. Progressive Discipline Form

    33. Progressive Discipline Policy

    34. Regret Letter To Job Candidate

    35. Sabbatical Leave Request Form

    36. Severance Pay Policy

    37. Sexual Harassment Policy

    38. Sexual Harassment Reporting Form

    39. Succession Planning Form

    40. Temporary Employment Agreement

    41. Termination Checklist

    42. Tuition Reimbursement Policy

    43. Tuition Reimbursement Request

    1. Benevolence Application

    2. Benevolence Request Policy And Procedure

    3. Benevolence Application Process

    4. Cash Handling Policy

    5. Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Policy and Procedure

    6. Child Abuse Reporting Form

    7. Church Event Planning Budgeting Form

    8. Church Event Planning Form

    9. Church Meeting Agenda

    10. Church Member Application Form

    11. Church Member Satisfaction Survey

    12. Code of Conduct Statement

    13. Confidentiality Policy

    14. Easter Planning Checklist

    15. Event Org Chart

    16. Event Planning Budgeting Form

    17. Event Planning Form

    18. Example Board Retreat Agenda

    19. First Time Visitor Survey

    20. Giving Thank You Letter

    21. Goal Document

    22. Incident Report

    23. Maintenance Schedule

    24. Membership Class Meeting Agenda

    25. Miscellaneous Forms

    26. Progressive Discipline Policy

    27. Restroom Cleaning Checklist

    28. Risk Management Checklist

    29. Sabbatical Leave Policy

    30. Sabbatical Request Form

    31. Sick Leave Policy

    32. Visitor Card

    33. Visitor Thank You Letter

    1. Background Check

    2. Check Sheet For Volunteer Packet

    3. Event Org Chart

    4. Example Church Volunteer Job Description

    5. Volunteer Application

    6. Volunteer Approval Letter

    7. Volunteer Forms

    8. Volunteer Orientation PowerPoint Template

    9. Volunteer Satisfaction Improvement Plan

    10. Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Graphs

    11. Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

    12. Volunteer Succession Policy

    13. Event Planning Form

    1. Baptism Assistant

    2. Bible Study Leader

    3. Bookstore

    4. Children's Ministry

    5. Communion Assistant

    6. Facility Review Committee

    7. Facilities

    8. Greeter

    9. Musician

    10. Offering Counter

    11. Office Volunteer

    12. Parking Assistant

    13. Personnel Committee

    14. Sunday School Teacher

    15. Usher

    16. Volunteer Job Descriptions

    17. Welcome Center

    18. Youth Ministry

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    These documents and job descriptions are downloadable. Once you download the document you will be able to edit it and save it to your files for use at your ministry.

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    Our job descriptions and documents are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated or shared outside your church without express written permission.

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